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Quality Component Supply and Mfg, Inc. has continually purchased equipment and implemented processes to improve the reliability of end products. We strive to minimize problems for those who purchase the products we supply.

We treat this like an ongoing process and not a finished symphony that once completed is done forever. Tri-roll comparators have taken the place on the high end of thread inspection where once calibrated ring gages were the apex of inspection quality. We still have the old ring gages, but in addition we have four ITW Zero brand Tri-roll frames and one Tri-star frame for larger threads.

Metric ring gages Tri-roll gages

Our thread rolls for the frames are a full complement of type J rolls, 2-56 through 1/2 inch. We feel these type J rolls serve our drive for top quality better than type 3 or type 4 thread rolls, as they measure full thread functionality. We have setting plugs to check ring gage calibration in-house. And we have a digital thread micrometer to check the setting plugs.

Plug gages Mitutoyo Thread Micrometer connected to DP-1

We have a full compliment of other digital micrometers, digital calipers and a height gage. Additionally the Mitutoyo digital thread micrometer will connect to the Mitutoyo digital DP-1 and DP-3 for full statistical process control (SPC) and measurement printout.

Micromoters and Calipers
DP-1 DP-3

For every day use, we have a fairly full complement of working ring and thread plug gages. As the need arises, we add gages, leading to not only the usual group of 2A/B and 3A/B thread gages, but quite a motley band of other thread gages, including some NJ and NS gages which are about as uncommon as....well, let's just say they're uncommon.

Plug Gages Ring Gages

We have two hardness testers, including an old high precision German made Leitz machine! The Greenslade dimension-all gage is used for checking various dimensions of small fasteners up to 5/16 inch. We also have a full complement of pin gages, from 0.001/RCH to 0.500 size.

DimensionAll Leitz

Furthermore, we have a Vieas Video Inspection machine which was converted from it's original design of checking precision miniature circuit boards and applied to checking fasteners. Our staff have yet to figure out how to get a video game up on it, but stay tuned. Such brilliance as they have, shouldn't take more than a couple of years for them to get a pong game or a pac-man game up and running on it.

So..... what if the power goes out and all of our batteries in that remarkable equipment goes dead you're asking?

Yeah, we kept a real, original micrometer.

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